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"Smooth blanket " increase production of technical conduce grape
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French researcher new development gives new product of ” of smooth blanket of a kind of “ , spread it in grapery, can promote grapy to grow.
Compose has the aluminium that pledges gently above this kind of cloth that makes with synthetic fibre piece, can reflex sunshine to grapevine bottom to see the position that is less than sunshine, can promote floral photosynthesis. The grape is in of smooth blanket glance action falls, flavour rises with what Dou Youming of colour and lustre shows, and fruit bead build increases, autumn shortens. But at present technology of this kind of smooth blanket still cannot be in tomato, melon kind of the fruit such as plant, pear cultivate on use, because it cannot be contacted directly with floral leaf and fructification, meet otherwise a plant is burnable.

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