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Fruiter spring cultivates method and skill
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Fruiter spring establish period, although air temperature compares warmth, rainwater more, humidity is big, the survival rate after establish is high, grow new root and hair new tip easily, but if the method is undeserved, the survival rate after also can creating plant is low. The method that introduces fruiter spring plant now and skill are as follows.
1, pick fine nursery stock. Anthology without plant diseases and insect pests, grow hale, root system develops, between the section dumpy, without dehydrate high grade nursery stock of the phenomenon, the lamina on the main force of nursery stock and branch is thick green complete, luster.
2, apply the sufficient fertilizer that decide a root. Before cultivating 7 - 15 days, country orchard is on the base that has turning over improve the soil greatly to growing acupuncture point, flat orchard falls in fruit mound surface soil, the fabaceous bran that every individual plant applies become thoroughly decomposed or earthnut bran 0.5 kilograms, or pig cattle is fat 10 - 15 kilograms. Fertilizer should mix adequately with soil divide evenly, cannot with the root group direct contact, in order to prevent burnable root group, be about to fertilizer is applied nodding from field planting 30 - 35 centimeters of place, or apply below field planting dot, from surface soil 35 - 40 centimeters of place, the clod that gets on field planting dot is broken into pieces, before establish 3 - 5 days drench again on the mucky water of a few sufficient become thoroughly decomposed, make mix with soil divide evenly, absorb.
3, nursery stock is arranged. After nursery stock carry back, ying Xianfang is in shady and cool lee place, make group keep wet. If nursery stock amount is larger, answer to classification by size, the edge classifications, the side is right group He Zhisao makes proper clip. Cultivated before cut off sodden root, sere root and incomplete root. Sodden root cuts dew Bai Wei to stop, although good root also should cut off one part a bit. The branch tip with too weak or undeserved position also should be cut go one part. Classics line-haul or when cultivating, encounter when weather is too dry, still should cut appropriately go one part lamina, evaporate in order to reduce moisture content.
4, cultivate. When cultivating, should manage each root straight, straighten, in each direction inside establish acupuncture point even ground, slightly inclined distributing to lower part, if pour a root to divide layer happening from taproot, should from fall and go up, statified straighten the root, chase a layer to fill on fine earth, with hand squeezing ramming, but had not exerted oneself to do sth. big, control root system in case. Fill in earth to one half, carry nursery stock gently to earth, play the root straight, help up plant, again filling uses fact of crural stamp one's foot, to earth up cannot mouth of tower above engraft. Still should set pillar to give aid to, prevent to shake.
5, water in time. After sapling grows earth, drench the enough water that decide a root, Gai Cao is protected instantly wet. After establish inside 5 days, drench everyday water 1, the day is lain between to drench after 5 days water 1, 20 - after 30 days but light strip off surface soil examination, if new root stirs, can use water of rare dung of become thoroughly decomposed 1 times.
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