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Aim at market demand to detonate a fruiter to cultivate new revolution
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Our country is agricultural big country, the fruit helps advance somebody's career area, crop all occupies world first place, but exit rate is inferior, only 3 % is controlled, fruit grower cultivates benefit to owe beautiful, want to make sure fruit industry can grow continuously, need beard and hair exhibits characteristic fruit industry, produce an advantage, raise the economic benefits that fruit produces ceaselessly, enlarge exit, increase fruit grower income. Our newspaper reporter interviewed expert of our country fruiter Dr. Cao Shangyin a few days ago, the research achievement of Dr. Cao detonated a fruiter to cultivate mode new revolution!

Aim at market demand

Walk into fruit market, the delicacy of north and south that full of beautiful things in eyes glows cans be found everywhere if really, become a battlements into box truckload into ton, did not send existing and truckload pomegranate to sell. Also have now and then theory sell, 200 grams reach 1 of 300 grams 10 yuan or so, 400 grams come of 500 grams 15 reach 20 yuan 1. The good “ thing that archaism says with rare for expensive ” . This shows, pomegranate is current of fruit market vacant, according to investigation, the pomegranate of our country helps advance somebody's career the area forms dimensions rarely, distance industrialization differs very far. Because pomegranate is a fruit,medium cate beautiful is tasted, have sanitarian medical treatment, hairdressing to raise Yan Zeng to close again use value, in international market position very tall. What the foreigner valued pomegranate not only is mutiple level use value, basically took a fancy to pomegranate clean sanitation, because edible seed bead is lapped by beautiful peel rigor, pure the green fresh fruit that belongs to free from contamination.

Walnut is world-renowned one of 4 big dried fruit, it is Hu Tao belongs to deciduous leaf arbor, help advance somebody's career in China have 2000 the history of above. Forecast according to the market, walnut is contained a lot ofadipose (70% above) reach protein (20% ) , it is food of nutrition of high heat energy, it is the green health food that does not have cholesterol, having broad domestic and international market, all through the ages is called “ wood ” of this oil plants ” , crops of “ iron lever, it is China the important economy tree that develops production of a mountainous area forestry is planted. Value of every tons of walnut 20000 yuan of above, and be our country tradition export one of goods and materials.

Excogitate achievement

Dr. Cao Shangyin takes a fancy to the huge market prospect of the fruiter such as pomegranate, walnut, research invented new breed of two large fruit trees (Tunisia walnut of short branch of pomegranate of 2 soft seed, middle peasant) and two big newest grow a technology (pomegranate every mus of increase production 800 jins, walnut every mus of increase production 400 jins) achievement, cause the sensation inside course of study effect, detonate a fruiter to cultivate mode new revolution!
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