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Aim at market demand to detonate a fruiter to cultivate new revolution
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Tunisia pomegranate of 2 soft seed is in pomegranate of Tunisia soft seed (have the honor to win certificate of achievement of province science and technology: 9412004Y0696) the improved newest pomegranate breed on the foundation, experiment via helping advance somebody's career for years and observe, its each respect character all is compared common performance of breed of soft seed pomegranate is superior. You Yiguo nucleus is completely soft can feed, maturity is early, (in August the middle ten days of a month, earlier than traditional breed 20 days of above) if really big, (average 465 grams are the biggest 1100 grams) the exterior beautiful of inviting, mouthfeel, wait for a characteristic more outstanding. This breed peel is bright and clean and bright, cortical thin (all be 1.3 millimeter) pulp can feed a part to occupy 85.9% (the tradition is soft child only 60.7% ) seed agate color, 100 weigh 56.2 grams (river shade is soft child, unseal soft child, the breed such as comfort pomegranate all does not exceed 45 grams) bovril is led 91. 4% , the quantity that contain sugar 16.5% , the quantity that contain acid 0.39% , Vc1.97 milligram / 100 grams; Acid is sweet goluptious, character is preeminent. It is one of optimal choice breed that update traditional pomegranate breed.

This breed more fight a drought, disease-resistant, accommodation is wide, choose earth is lax, no matter Campagna, upland, shallow hill all can be cultivated, hale tree can be hanged 2 years if really, 3 years mu produce 550 kilograms of above, the 4th year of high yield mu produce 2000 kilograms. The product tries to be in Zhengzhou area in 3 years every kilograms of price is 30 yuan, demand exceeds supply, and export job gap is big.

Walnut of middle peasant short branch: Tree situation is middle, tree appearance is erect, hemicycle of crown of a tree, ramose strength is moderate. Female first model, the middle ten days of a month is mature in September, fruit-bearing shoot is led 84.7% , side unripe fruit-bearing shoot is led 86.7% , every fruit-bearing shoot sits on average if really 1.4. Nut is elliptic, weigh 15g; Housing surface is slicker, sutural smooth, autumn nut fruit starts to talk very easily, housing thick 1.0mm is controlled. Plait wall degrades inside, look ugly and ferocious is diaphragmatic film is qualitative, take extremely easily whole benevolence. Nucleolus is contented and full, benevolence breast yellow, smell is sweet and not acerbity, give benevolence rate 63.8% can take whole benevolence.

This breed adaptability is stronger, yield of Cheng Guo period is higher, big Xiaonian is not apparent. Nut is smooth and beautiful, quality is good, you Yi takes housing to sell or make crude cooking oil. In those days cultivated, in those days result: 2 years unripe individual plant produces 1 ~ 2.5 kilograms, 5 years mu crop amounts to 800 ~ 1000 jins, be in aptly hill earth layer is thicker with drought intensive of little rain area is changed help advance somebody's career. This breed more fight cold, fight a drought, be able to bear or endure barren, special high yield, adaptability is wide, it is a new breed that has development perspective very.
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