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Grape summer cuts a method
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① wipes bud: Enter Chu Xia, seasonable the grape advocate the deputy bud that produces by bud and concealed bud are all to erase.

② scanty branch: After Xin Zhimeng goes out, should lose by force according to the way corp is growing with inflorescence stand or fall, will not have branch of fruit spic development, concealed bud branch and too close burgeon to be excised in time.

③ hits deputy end: Except a when leave top deputy tip reachs a ~2 piece outside tender leaf, the others is destroyed entirely.

④ picks a heart: Day of the 5~6 before the grape blossoms, 6~8 stays in the inflorescence above of result branch blade undertakes picking a heart.

⑤ fruit thinning and go inflorescence is pointed: The knot fruit-bearing shoot of 10 centimeters of above, every branch accept as a souvenir inflorescence, leave an inflorescence commonly can.

⑥ binds new tip: Grow 30~40 when new tip centimeter when, bind its wearing on, notice to order about even, prevent wind to blow break off, grow ceaselessly as new tip, need to bind 3~4 second.

⑦ goes tendril: Grapy cirrus uses up nutrient very big, in the grape whole grow seasonal should seasonable eliminate cirrus, use up in order to reduce nutrient.