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Blow bark to get the better of drug
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The fruiter blows a the skin is winter garden management important step, be helpful for enhancing tree power not only, prevent to cultivate body to cross early consenescence, and the bacteria that can be eliminated in the live through the winter in bark break and pest, reduce cardinal number of live through the winter, control or reduce the coming year the happening of a few plant diseases and insect pests and to kill, receive “ not to use agriculture chemical thereby, get the better of the effect of prevention and cure that exerts pesticide ” .

Integrated each district is investigated, the course blows leather orchard, larva of live through the winter of caterpillar of star of jujube armyworm, pear reduces 80 ~ 90% , ping is small the small bug that eat a heart reduces the bug that eat a heart and pear 60 ~ 80% , hawkthorn red spider reduces 70 ~ 80% .

Fruiter winter blows a skin, from the fruiter deciduous leaf hind comes can undertake before next spring is gemmiparous, advocate the thick skin that if blow,goes up except trunk, bough, become warped skin.

The level that shave with raze beige cortex sees green disappear white advisable; When blowing a skin, should be in tree lower berth a plastic cloth, blow in order to collect the bark that come down, drossy, be buried greatly centrally or burn down. To having the fruit tree of decay disease, sere disease, daub blessing beautiful arsenic or lime sulfur want to undertake preventing and cure after blowing a skin.