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Walnut establishs fertilization skill
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Walnut is a kind of important oil plants fruiter. Walnut economy value is very high, walnutmeat is divided contain a lot ofadipose outside, its protein, vitamin and a variety of mineral content are very high also, often serve as a kind of advanced tonic, have certain medical treatment effectiveness. The walnutmeat quality of our country good, oil content is high, get the welcome of the international market.

Nuclear peach sex able-bodied, adaptability little, management saves strong, plant diseases and insect pests carry of lay aside of labour, fructification is convenient, act under orders to grow. Nuclear peach is fond of light of lukewarm, happy event, more severe to moisture requirement, especially new tip growth period and gains growth period, need enough moisture to supply more, appropriate is in the structure is loose, protect water to breathe freely cultivate in good sandy loam.

The growth of walnut is periodic cent is budding period, exhibit foliaceous period, florescence, gains is good nuclear period and fructification autumn. The fertilization cent of walnut is base manure and top application: 1. Base manure. Base manure with early advisable, should collecting after closing, finish to the front of deciduous leaf, every grown tree applies 100 ~ 200 kilograms of high grade and organic fertilizer. 2. Top application. The appropriate period of top application is before blossomming, hard nucleus of young fruit expand and fructification 3 period, general every individual plant applies phosphate fertilizer of nitric acid of day backbone card every time 1 kilogram of 0.8 ~ . 3. Gush of face of blade is fat. Gush fat period is florescence, new tip fast long-term, bud splits up period reach collect after closing, the bluestone of 0.4 % of ~ of the molybdic acid ammonium of 1 % of ~ of the boric acid that commonly used gush fat sort is 0.2 % of 0.1 % ~ , 0.5 % , 0.3 %