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Acerbity horn
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For the fructification of beans of acid of plant of dicotyledon drug the pulse family.
Clear hot detoxify, diuresis is connected drench, solution poison bug.
[advocate treat]
Treat hotly inappetence, gravid vomiting, children infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites is accumulated.

Wintry spring two season, tian Gaoyun is weak, wind Qing Dynasty enrages bright, walk into on the west the Home Dai village of double edition accept, see a kind of place very easily people is special the fruiter —— acerbity character that love, its tree height is great, truncal and coarse, branches and leaves luxuriants and well-spaced, branch is hanging a string to string together, the pod of the form that bend a hook with one Brown cluster.

Acerbity actor calls acid beans, tamarind again, collect Huang Zi, smoked plum (Hainan) , ” of “ Mu Han (Dai language) , for brazilwood division acid horn is belonged to intertropical, semi-tropical constant green large tree, should belong to contain acerbity part only 1 kind, have two kinds: Sweet model with acid model. Acerbity horn likes burning hot climate, be in year all air temperature 18ºC—24ºC, year the area of rainfall 500—1200 millimeter can grow normally.

Acerbity horn produces intertropical Africa formerly, classics Sudan introduces India after multiply is cultivated, grow very appropriate, people mistake is as a result acerbity horn is the plant with local born and bred India. Acerbity later horn transmits country of Persia, Arabia and European and other places by Asian south. Ceng Yi of 4 centuries acerbity horn spends BC fashionable ancient Egypt and Greek. In all intertropical fruiters on the world, acerbity part is distributed most extensive, outside dividing Antarctica, each continent all has other distributing.

The Asia is world acerbity role is main produce area. India, sri lanka and southeast Asia each country all have help advance somebody's career, basically grow at condition of quantity of heat little, altitude does not exceed good, rainfall 1500 meters drought sloping field. Among them India, Philippine, Thailand has a garden, and crop is very considerable, only India produces per year fruit pod to amount to 275 thousand tons, philippine export value every year the acerbity horn of 80 thousand dollar, thailand is famous sweet acerbity horn and acerbity acerbity horn also are exported every year in great quantities achieve collect.

In America, the area fighting heat that acerbity part basically is distributed to make multilateral home and United States at Latin America, mexico helps advance somebody's career the area is in this continent the biggest, amount to 4443 hectare. The United States basically distributings Yu Xiawei exterminate, western Pacific Ocean is coastal south paragraph, Mexican bay is coastal with Florida city, have acerbity part of famous the Le Tian that stride the Buddhist nun. In Guatemala, concentration distributings to do hot gorge at melon of Chinese ink tower, and here still grows the feral acerbity hornbeam that has big.
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