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Kind the environment of candied date or jujube
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Close jujube fruit is big, the flesh thin nucleus of thick, skin is small, colour and lustre is bright red, be able to bear or endure store carry, product competition ability is strong, have the honor to win 1994- - countrywide farming special local product tasted exposition gold prize 1995, now its main technique point is as follows.

1, the requirement that candied date or jujube of garden of serious choice jujube upholds pair of relief and soil is very not strict, strong to edaphic adaptability, have be able to bear or endure barren, high temperature resistant, the character of cold-resistant. Force of sweet jujube fight a drought is powerful, but not quite alkali resistance, plant so the person that candied date or jujube is cultivated, especially new open up wasteland is planted the person that candied date or jujube is cultivated should draw weak bath above all alkaline, early days is planted alkali resistance crop, wait like safflower, oily certain herbaceous plants with big flowers deepen, ripe change soil, add apply organic fertilizer, cross land greatly, increase soil ceaselessly organic qualitative content, gault, sanded Shi Tu, gravel pledges earth should dig acupuncture point to change earth to create a good condition establishing the ground to it.

2, tree of garden program candied date or jujube is planted for vivacious tree, the program of garden of candied date or jujube is designed should benefit at irrigating, the root of fangfeng and field carry. Ask a road, forest, catchment, electromechanical organic union rises, must grow shelter-forest to take first at the same time, with loss of bring down damage caused by a windstorm. Soil preparation fertilization is short change close planting, the first condition of mode of early bumper crop, so fragmentary grow advanced one year Qiu Mo searchs the base with deep 30cm n cultivated land in the round, the individual plant row spacing that presses a design is a standard, the soil preparation of acupuncture point shape of 1m square undertakes in cultivated dot, ask travel is straight. Pile up surface soil and subsoil departure, should spread in acupuncture point bottom 15- - the crop straw that 20kg smashs, every hole is used 20- - 30kg farmhouse is fat, mix with earth even hind, fill within hole, finally, enclothe surface soil its to go up, fill water, next spring is cultivated. Adjust the correlation of water fertilizer, climate, maintain the stable environment that is helpful for production of sweet jujube root system.

3, nursery stock choice must use breed to grow chastely commonly hale, root system is whole, without plant diseases and insect pests of candied date or jujube, the nursery stock of class of just a little with grafting seedling stock and scion firm heal. Above of 100cm of one class seedling height, ground path is wide 1- - 1.2cm, above of main root thick 2cm, length 20cm above, 6- - 8; 2 class seedling height 80- - 100cm, above of ground diameter thick 0.8cm, main root thick 2mm, grow 18cm, 5 above.
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