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Kind the environment of candied date or jujube
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   4, cultivated time year two Ji Jun but cultivated. But spring field planting is given priority to, spring the evening that grow appropriate, most wedding day is in on April 5- - 20 days (air temperature 18 ℃ above) , autumn grow appropriate early, after deciduous leaf on October 10- - on November 5.

5, nursery stock lasts when having a young plant, had better be in the morning and evening of cloudy day or sunshine undertakes, cannot harm Miao Pi, Miao Gen more, fibrous root is much, be completely cured is little, reach time level, should organize labor to follow dig along with classification, press 25- - 50 individual plant one bundle up is good, next, bury root system to cover with wet careless shade with wet earth instantly, prevent dehydrate of seedling of candied date or jujube, lime of 5 Baume degrees had better apply in gush of upside of nursery stock ground sulfureous mixture or 1: The Bordeaux mixture of 100, to nursery stock disinfection prevents plant diseases and insect pests. Nursery stock must carry that day amount to construct a field, seasonable and cultivated or heel in, must not wind blows insolation. Nonlocal attune seedling must do slop to dip in before carry a processing, use wet careless bag plastic film package is nice, the canvas on final lid, felt, start shipment after tying up, pack good root ministry, after carry amounts to destination seasonable heel in, every heel in exceeds 3 days must be in root ministry before grow turbid in immerse a long time above, and must have mastered the crucial technology that raises nursery stock survival rate below.

5.1, nursery stock root system immerses with ABT rooted pink before afforestation. 50×10-6 (1g rooted pink adds 20kg water) solution 1.5- - 2 hours.

Water of 10kg of treatment of rooted pink of 100×10-6(1g of ABT rooted pink is used before 5.2 afforestation) solution gush root, gush of nursery stock root system wet, gush is appeared, after the fluid that treat drug is absorbed, can afforestation. Xiaomiao is usable 50- - 10-6, 1g rooted pink is handled 100- - 1000 individual plant;

5.3, with phosphate fertilizer solution (50kg water adds 1.5kg phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium, 10kg clay agitate) immerse nursery stock root system 5- - after 10min can cultivated;

5.4, with cow dung fluid (50kg water adds agitate of 13kg cow dung) immerse after 5min of nursery stock root system can cultivated survival rate is very high also.

6, the configuration that pollination cultivates is led if really to raise close jujube to sit, should configure pollination tree, for example advance jujube, gold-rimmed big jujube of small jujube, pear jujube, fine horse jujube or assist emperor. The configuration that pollination cultivates, general every 3- - 4 advocate breed of a pollination is placed in growing variety; Wider to row spacing jujube garden, every other 8- - 10 individual plant configure tree of pollination of 1 individual plant. Want to choose pollination breed and the pollination tree that help advance somebody's career to autumn of the florescence of breed, fructification agrees as far as possible or be close to.
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