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Kind the environment of candied date or jujube
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7, cultivated mode

7.1 jujubes farming intercropping. Sweet jujube and other fruiter are different, sweet jujube is gemmiparous very late, and deciduous leaf early, year growth period is brief, optimum with crop intercrop. Its branches and leaves is few and far between, blade is small, shady little, light transmittance is tall, be helpful for the normal daylighting of content of the intercrop below the tree. Root system is dispersive, density is low the contradiction that grows with crop is small, from use edaphic nutrient to look, crop basically uses superstratum nutrient of soil, and jujube is used in lower level nutrient, execute jujube farming intercrop sufficient and reasonable used land and light energy, achieve stereo change production to improve farm zoology condition, jujube grain double bumper harvest, raise the economic benefits of unit area. The crop that plants intercropping content with candied date or jujube should consider with short stalk, early, fat to light demand can plant stagger crop with candied date or jujube, best choice wheat kind, cotton, legume, beet, melon kind, and the short stalk crop such as millet, sesame seed, earthnut, vegetable.
Jujube farming intercrop is cultivated aptly comparing big level on cropland, because this should consider the mechanical successful operation such as tractor, drill. Make full use of to make sure earlier jujube crop is mixed one of mode have the space under optional choose cultivated. ① only individual plant is cultivated, row spacing 10- - 12 meters, 3m of spacing in the rows, every 667m2 is cultivated 24 individual plant, 22 individual plant, 20 individual plant; ② double travel is cultivated, give priority to with grain, plant between sweet jujube, row spacing of sweet jujube can be increased appropriately, general wide travel 18m, narrow travel 3 M, every 667m2 is cultivated 24 individual plant.

7.2 short close early help advance somebody's career field. Sweet jujube is short changing close planting early high yield is high density, hi-tech, high investment, high yield piece, cost-effective horticultural change help advance somebody's career orchard. Garden of close planting jujube wants cultivated earth layer deep, quality of a material is loose, soil of condition of water having fill is rich farming farmland, give priority to cent in order to produce piece manage, cultivated density is general 84 individual plant / 667m2 (2m×4m) , 110 individual plant / 667m2 (2m×3m) , 167 individual plant / 667m2 (2m×2m) ; 167 individual plant / 667m2 above, general but small area sets an example, cultivated travel is first-class trend of north and south, field planting is a triangle.

7.3, garden of groovy candied date or jujube. This law should according to local ambient conditions, use at gradient big, the place that produces soil erosion or landform are fragmentary, a ground that disadvantageous agriculture machinery works. In layer of groovy garden earth deep, edaphic fertilizer is vivid farming 5m of the row spacing on farmland, in plot of earthy layer barren, row spacing 4m, 4m of spacing in the rows, 34 individual plant (5m×4m) , 42 individual plant (4m×4m) .
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