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Arsenic of fragile rice of entrance chocolate coating exceeds bid Malaysia food
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The reporter examines from Shandong discrepancy condition quarantine bureau learns, shandong quarantine branch retreated the chocolate coating fragile rice that carried one batch comes from Malaysia a few days ago, the reason is content of arsenic of product of this batch of entrances exceeds bid.

A few days ago, condition of discrepancy of Shandong Wei lane examines the staff member is checking quarantine bureau a batch when company of Shandong some food imports from Malaysia 2 tons of much chocolate coating are fragile when rice, detect content giving arsenic exceeds bid. Classics spot examines quarantine and lab detect, the arsenic content of fragile rice of coating of this batch of chocolate is every kilogram 0.62 milligram, the set limit to that exceeds our country regulation every kilogram the standard of 0.5 milligram, do not accord with sanitation of our country food to ask.

Introduce according to wholesome expert, arsenic is material of a kind of noxiousness, in lithosphere of natural consist in, rock, clay, water and air. In food, arsenic is met with organic the form that reachs inorganic exists, if absorb inorganic arsenic in great quantities, can appear disgusting, vomiting, cramp, diarrhoea or n/med having blood in one's stool wait for acute symptom, serious person can cause death.

Concern a provision according to our country Food Sanitation Law, condition of Wei lane discrepancy examines quarantine bureau approved goods to issue unqualified letter to this, make the processing that undertakes withdrawing motion to goods at the same time, prevented unqualified food effectively to flow into our country.