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Can be acerbity horn cake solved really pressure?
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Nowadays, a lot of youths like to eat recreational food, but do not know how to choose recreational food, the propagandist term that also does not know them whether with actual conform to. On July 15, the reporter is happy in the home blessing Chengdu double bridge child recreational food division chose store feline Duo acerbity horn of bright of ice of lane of clique of acerbity horn fruit, 4 strong and pervasive fragrance food of cake of two kinds of acerbity horn, undertook comparing is opposite to them, the effect that asks an expert to be publicized to the product undertook commenting on.

Than outer packing

The reporter chose the exterior (3 minutes) , language of advertisement conduct propaganda (2 minutes) , composition (2 minutes) , brand (3 minutes) 4 index, calculate 10 minutes by full marks, chose 3 love to take recreational sock randomly

The person that young woman serves as foretaste, undertook comparative making component.

Feline Duo acerbity horn fruit sends (acerbity horn cake) the exterior: Packets of big bagging is colourful, clean content 40 grams, there are 8 independent pouches inside. (notch on average: 2.5 minutes)

Language of advertisement conduct propaganda: “ has pressure to call feline Duo ” , “ comes from in Yunnan rain forest make naturally, release life to press character of innovation of China of force ” , “ indefinitely, acerbity role of precious and feral state is the Yunnan that green joy solution presses concentration of food ” , “ to collect Jie artificially raw material is delicate and into ” . (notch on average: 1.5 minutes)

Composition: Horn of white sugar, high malt syrup, feral acid, agaragar, without additive composition. But in light of the on any account that adds a capacity by food production, its acerbity part part is inferior. (1.5)

Brand conduct propaganda: Save famous label through attestation of class A of Chinese green food, Yunnan, special tag sweet clew. (notch on average: 2.5 minutes) notch integratedly: Lane of 8 minutes of strong and pervasive fragrance puts exterior of bright acerbity horn on the ice: Colour of packets of big bagging is gorgeous, clean content 80 grams, there are 7 independent pouches inside, pack with plastic film. (notch on average 2.5 minutes) language of advertisement conduct propaganda: Come from flavour of semi-tropical acerbity horn, high-quality goods, natural の . (notch on average: 1.5 minutes)

Composition: Potassium of acid of pear of natrium of acerbity horn, white sugar, salt, sweet element, saccharin, An Saimi, hill, contain numerous additive part, but the composition of acerbity horn is the heaviest. (notch on average: 1.5 minutes)

Brand conduct propaganda: Yunnan saves famous label (2006.11-2009.11) (notch on average: 2 minutes) notch integratedly: 7.5 minutes

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