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Acne creams should besmear all over the face eat chocolate not to grow acne
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Occupy American MSNBC website to reported recently, eat chocolate to won't grow acne, and drink milk to let you possibly remove blain all over the face. After all because of,acne is why and case, how should treat again?

Fan Weixin of doctor of vice director of dermatological department of hospital of Jiangsu province people is accepted " life times " when the reporter is interviewed, say, the reason that causes acne is very much. People thinks normally, the grease such as food of chocolate, deepfry kind food can bring about grease of sebaceous glands of skin hair bursa to had secreted flourishing to cause acne. And relevant investigator says, be jammed by skin cell and bacterium because of gland body and acne basically is caused. New research discovers, drinkable after milk or other dairy products, the hormone that contains among them and element of active of other live thing can stimulate gland system, cause gland body extremely easily to jam, generate acne thereby. In addition, fan Weixin still reminds, hot food also should eat less.

Divide outside be controlled on food, use acne creams also is a method of cure. But this new research suggests however people, acne creams should cover whole face, is not commonly used like a lot of people nod only in that way go up in blain blain. Because,this is, most cure not only it is to eliminate today's blain bag, however for precaution the following day the skin sends rash, accordingly, killing the bacterium that causes acne to generate just is the most effective method.

Final Fan Weixin reminds, when creaming with acne, avoid as far as possible smooth; Freezer cold storage or shady part should be put after giving out. At ordinary times habits and customs also wants to notice, grew acne to want to wash a face with Wen Shui, use the grandma that wash a face less; Disappear of towel a week second poison; Eat vegetable fruit more, reduce fatigue.