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Expert: Healthy snacks also is not to children the more the better
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Loving snack is the child's nature, and taking some of sock appropriately also is beneficial to the child. But concerned expert points out, face the snacks of full of beautiful things in eyes, parents want proper alternative, want to master suitable quantity.

Zhao Xia of researcher of assistant of place of children of adolescent of Chinese teenage research center says, let child snack appropriately, it is their complement nutrition and energy in time, those who benefit the child is healthy. Snack still is helpful for letting the child obtain more comprehensive, balanced nutrition.

Zhao Xia emphasizes saying, fresh fruit nutrition is rich, suit to serve as the snacks of children very much. All sorts of milk products, wait like milk, cheese contain rich calcium and other a variety of 100 good to human body part. Additional, bean products of soya-bean milk etc, all sorts of firm fruit food, wait like earthnut, almond, pine nut, Chinese chestnut, it is natural healthy health food, also can serve as the snacks of children.

Healthy snacks, to children, the more the better? The expert thinks to be not such.

Zhao Xia says, even if good to child health food, also cannot satisfy the child's requirement blindly, and should control appropriately. Because,this is the child if all the day snack, can make gastric juice is secreted maladjusted, digestive function is disorder, inappetence, to prandial disinclination. And even if the nutriment that the snacks place with again rich nutrition contains is not comprehensive also, if the child passes because of snack much and do not want to eat again prandial, their indispensible nutriment will be couldn't get assure, can bring about the child even hidebound. Additional, adipose like the firm fruit food such as earthnut, sunflower content is very high also, feed overmuch, cause quantity of heat easily superfluous.

The expert expresses, the child contains power commonly poorer, very easy to goluptious food gluttonous and overmuch, accordingly, in allow child snack while, want to have certain restriction. A basic principle does not affect prandial appetite and appetite namely, if because the child took sock, do not want to eat prandial or reduced appetite, snacks is overfeeding.