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Arrow card company to RMB of contribution of seismic disaster area 2.5 million y
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One of leaders of global candy industry arrow card company donates RMB a stupid person to seismic disaster area 100 thousand yuan, use at supporting Chinese earthquake relief work.

Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain after seismic happening the following day, arrow card is candied (China) limited company acts quickly, through Chinese Red Cross total meeting donates a RMB to disaster area 1 million yuan. The heart of the headquarters of United States of arrow card company that seismic the situation of a disaster is affecting ocean the other shore likewise, on May 14, ” of foundation of “ arrow card announces, increase through American Red Cross be equivalent to 1.5 million yuan of RMBs (220 thousand dollar) money of be apt to, the real operation that uses in one's power makes due contribution for earthquake relief work.

The casualties that “ earthquake place causes and destroy make our mood very heavy. We to the people that loses a dear one unfortunately by tens of thousands and returning to normal hard the people of the life expresses to express sympathy and solicitude for cordially. Wang Kuan of president of division of vice president of group of company of ” arrow card, Asia-Pacific is amounted to express, “ China government and people's heroic earthquake relief work let us be invigorated, regard a business that assumes social responsibility actively all the time as the citizen, we adopt real operation quickly to convey us the support to earthquake relief work. This is the commonweal of as active always as us support, tradition that passes on a society of according to legend of one arteries and veins. ”

Arrow card company shows in the letter that sends Chinese Red Cross to always meet: “2008 year on May 12, earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River stuns the whole world, this particularly major earthquake disaster caused tremendous scar and anguish to disaster area people. Calamity arise suddenly, shaking the heart of everybody, as assume the enterprise society responsibility, business that pays attention to ground of in one's power to pass on a society actively all the time, face disaster, the heart of the heart of faculty of arrow card company and disaster area people is together repeatedly. Regard an enterprise as the citizen, while we are caring the safety of people of disaster area colleague, disaster area, the hope can reach the hand of aid, contributive one's pygmy effort, help disaster area rebuilds at an early date home, rebuild spirit, win aseismatic the victory that provide disaster relief. ”

Arrow card is candied (China) limited company is limited company of saccharide of American arrow card (Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company) the solely invested company that creates in China. Arrow card company is one of leaders with candied established industry, the diversification product such as candy of chewing gum of produce and sale, mint, hard candy and panocha, lollipop and chocolate. Long-term since, arrow card company assumes social responsibility actively in the state that has its business all the time, the environmental protection, wholesome, development that teachs a career supports actively always also in China.
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