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Two towns make an appointment with Sichuan heart this world 20 thousand people a
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Mind of China News Service is open on May 14 report (Du Yuan of Li Anjiang Guo Jinjia) come from Sichuan to visit De Yang town latest news of aseismatic headquarters providing disaster relief says, the assorted Fang city to the administer below De Yang (prefectural class city) red white, jade-like stone China the road of two towns already was broken by block of hill body coast, two towns have about 20 thousand people to be stranded at present. River of assorted Fang churchyard is formed because of the earthquake hang a lake, have collapse risk at any time.

Deng Jianhua of vice director of office of news of heart in relief municipal government says, hill body coast makes the outside is led to red white, jade-like stone China the highway of two towns is broken by complete block, together with communication is interrupted, the outside is at present right utterly ignorant of two towns state. At present heart open field organizes get through of personnel car do all one can to lead to the highway of two ground.

As we have learned, because disaster area is at present geological the condition is flabby, hang a lake to have the risk of collapse at any time, once produce danger feeling, will endanger assorted Fang the urban district and those who draw near is wide Chinese city.

Current, heart in relief city already organized local garrison to be stationed in alarm, mechanism cadre and public security policeman, and Chengdu, could there be then the armed police officers and soldiers of two ground rush to the rescue in all more than 30000 people, nearly 1000 car and equipment of rush to deal with an emergency hurry off to the disaster area a gleam of such as bamboo of assorted Fang, continous to launch rescue.