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Domestic Le Fu sends statement by boycott: Supportive Olympic Games did not supp
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Mix with respect to concerned hearsay boycott be related by the netizen, domestic Le Fuji is round accredit home is happy on April 16 blessing China area, make a statement.

Rise last week, the catchword that boycotts ” of domestic Le Fu about “ passes network forum, chatting tool and mobile phone short message to circulate. The netizen arouses with “ your the form of ” , netizen of appeal each district rejected excellent Le Fu to shop that day on May 1, “ should let his kin friend be boycotted together. ” has network hearsay to say, domestic Le Fuzhun is in fully 51 during depreciate sales promotion, in order to answer the netizen's boycott.

Coverage of the media before this says, lu Yiwei ascends the large stockholder of domestic Le Fu - peotry anthology group is suspected of Mo Texuan Buddhist nun aid financially amount to, addOlympic GamesA few things that when holy fire is delivered, produce, hurt the feeling of Chinese people, having netizens then is to begin to boycott LV first, changed “ target ” these days, chose the domestic Le Fu of easier bring into contact with.

To this, domestic Le Fuyu in order to deny. In statement, domestic Lefu expresses, wh some of which is ” of “ disloyal hearsay, home “ Le Fuji is round never, also won't do businesses of any emotive of harm China people in the future. ” statement still points out, the rumor that supports individual and illegal polity about group of domestic happy blessing is out of thin air completely with what do not have any basises. The organization that reservation of domestic Le Fujiang is made to ill will and spreads afore-mentioned rumors and individual take the right that law acts.

Nevertheless, do not have in the expression of statement special allude its are big partner Lu Yiwei is ascended - Mo Texuan Buddhist nun peotry anthology is round.

Statement still expresses, group of domestic happy blessing supports Beijing actively from beginning to end 2008 the Olympic Games, the supports Beijing Olympic Games activity that organized formal diversity in China and French proposal. Current, each supermarket of Beijing is domestic Le Fubei to receive the Olympic Games and be prepared actively. In the meantime, regard entrepreneur of Beijing mayor international as advisory unit, group of domestic happy blessing wishs heartily Beijing the Olympic Games achieved complete success 2008, domestic Le Fuji's round president and president of division of China of domestic happy blessing hold presiding apparitor concurrently to visit honor land Olympic Games opening ceremony, become the witness person of hour of this one history.