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Domestic Lefu responds to a white-collar to boycott a short message
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Recently two days, “ boycotts the sound of ” of domestic Le Fu to begin to break away from Internet, it is with short message means between the white-collar mutual transmit.

According to newest short message content, because the large stockholder of domestic Le Fu is contributory,amount to, because compatriots of this sponsor appeal boycotts this large supermarket 17 days before the Olympic Games,——— time and Beijing Olympic Games are booked like holding time, grow.

Be aimed at this short message, respect of domestic happy blessing expressed yesterday, short message content is not belonged to via check solid, the company will support Beijing Olympic Games as always, at present company business of short duration uninfluenced.

Boycott short message circulates in great quantities

The day began once upon a time, a short message that appeals boycott home Le Fu begins to circulate, roughly content is as follows:

“5 month day of 8 days of —24, as it happens is before 3 months of Beijing Olympic Games, everybody does not want Le Fu going to the home to shop, the large stockholder that reason is a Le Fu is contributed gigantic endowment to amount to, supportive ‘ hides alone ’ . Then we boycott a Le Fu now, by a definite date and Beijing Olympic Games grow together, around 17 days. Let them see the strength that takes a fancy to compatriots and Chinese network. Please forward. ”

Morning paper reporter discovers, this short message circulates in 35 years old of the following kid range is extremely wide. The reporter enquired 10 35 years old randomly the following kid, 6 people express to ever had received content identical or the information of close, received date is after April 10. Have suffer the person that visit to express, inside the enterprise crossing a state that is in in him, the person of whole department received this information.

I am considering “ really boycott home Le Fu, other supermarkets choose inside period of time, I think I can be accomplished. ” receives Mr Sun of information to express, he also gives a friend transmit a few, I should convey “ to serve as the Chinese's anger. ”

Domestic Le Fu: Short message content is disloyal

On the network, the participator that boycotts an activity gave out more detailed boycott reason. On Sohu community, the ” of partner of Home “ Le Fuda that in the netizen represents a short message, indicates, those who point to is group of LVMH of famous luxury group.

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