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Online shopping hit Hong roasted nuts roasted whole line
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Recently, the shopping site on the dazzling, inexpensive autumn specialties: chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, mushrooms, edible fungus, red dates and other roasted seeds and nuts, dry goods, so many people buy big full mouth through the network Fu. The city's courier, a courier company, said late start from 9, online shopping roasted, dry goods and other food delivery volume increased significantly. Liu said, according to the public, and she's spending in the food web up to 2 million a year, in October and spent Nearly 3,000 yuan. Online shopping hit Hong roasted Online shopping nuts roasted whole line Pecan into championship net purchase snacks Linan walnuts, raisins in Xinjiang, Fujian longan dry ... ... as long as the click of a mouse, not be able to enjoy around the house specialty. Recently, the network is also filled with the thick smell of autumn, many people from scouring the Internet The roasted seeds and nuts, dried food. Currently, public concern and preparation of dried, roasted seeds and other easy-to-store "snacks children" has become a popular online shopping market's role. Recently, the reporter here Taobao, eBay and other major shopping sites, found that many opened up shop selling roasted Area. Website, peanuts, melon seeds, pistachios, almonds, pecans and other roasted seeds and nuts, all kinds of snacks, specialty foods, particularly hot. "The recent dry delivery has skyrocketed." City, a courier company deliveryman said. According to an online shopping mall king boss introduced recently roasted doing very well, in addition to individual, many are buy customers, Pecans a day can be sold as one or two hundred kilograms. "I just received two boxes of pecans, cheap and delicious." Zhao work in Daoli told reporters that the reason why online shopping is that both time and effort, and shop in the whole species. She said, "many of my colleagues units In online shopping. In addition to online shopping convenient, affordable, the most important thing is great choice. "Variety, cheap, convenient services, and other advantages, is the main reason for online shopping had become the trend. Just open the shopping network Stations across the country and even features items from around the world and taste everything. Liu worked for a foreign-funded enterprises, is a net purchase of food fanatics. "I usually eat are basically all online shopping, to see what new varieties appear on the site of food, the first online shopping come back early adopters, Prices can be a lot cheaper than the supermarket. "Ms Lau said. It is understood that the food channel a lot of sites mainly in the shopping guide snack foods, beverages brewed into tea, nourishing care, grain dry goods, convenience foods, condiments, local products and imports of food-based, attracted hundreds of well-known Brand positioning sites, in corporate reputation, product quality and inventory, professional logistics, after-sale support system in areas such as assurance, is favorable for the public land of online shopping. According to Ms Lau said she's spending in the food web up to 2 million a year. There are a lot of her colleagues to buy food through the food web the amount of money up to 1 million. Current food online shopping is becoming a new The beginning of life. IResearch latest data show recent: the first quarter of 2010, domestic sales of B2C online store has exceeded billion, is expected to exceed 6,000 billion yuan in 2010, is more than 2 times in 2009. The rapid development of B2C, Not only promote the development trend of electronic commerce, it is for people to create a whole new way of life. Pecan into championship net purchase snacks Late last month, launched Taobao Taobao food festivals, events around the theme of cuisine such as roasted seeds and nuts, dried fruits, snacks. During the event, more than 300 high-quality joint Taobao shops, offices buy for a family of , Also introduced the "buy much cheaper" concept, two 8-fold, 3 7 off, buy the more discount the more you can involve friends together to share delicious. Net purchase snacks, what most fire? Chocolate, beef jerky? No, but the pecan. Taobao data cube data, "Lin pecan" has become the most popular snack list search terms, the average daily search 11,813 times 18% rise. One owner said Taobao Linan Lin'an is the "hometown of Hickory," So many buyers to ask him the goods. "Although this year due to reduced production, prices increased slightly, but the red The origin will choose our store pecans. In particular, pecans, and 30 days have sold 528. " Also joined in the elderly buy online Different from other commodities, the net purchase snacks consumption shows the characteristics of community-based, specific performance is the buy. To meet the food needs of the office, many of the most popular site launched two daily food of the 10 points and 15 points Two to five fold the price of the audience buy crazy. In addition, the site also launched the "buy much cheaper" concept, two 8-fold, 3 7 fold, the more favorable group more. In recent years as online shopping continues to penetrate, in children, under the influence of colleagues, and even some middle-aged consumers are added to the ranks of online shopping. Meanwhile, Taobao start 1 million consumer protection fund, if consumers Taobao platform to buy any quality standard, or expired food, Taobao will leave a compensable effective implementation of the three services. Aunt Ginger retirement home, said: "We like to buy, often bought several varieties of each. Shopkeepers also very good, also can give us sub-kg loaded, so we only need to order, receipt, mention coming home can, Save a great deal. The main thing is this good, clean, the taste is very positive, those snack is added to our lives a lot of fun. The day before yesterday, I bought a shop in Fujian longan dry, flesh grain is small, sleepy, tired A or nothing to do, eat a few grains, both yangkeng and recover from fatigue, but also nutrition it. What Uganda dates ah, ah acid prunes, are inexpensive. " Jiang aunt said, at home, online shopping is really a great enjoyment, we enjoy not only affordable products, as well as a good owner good service attitude, although they always put a lot of requirements, but a good talk The owner will try to meet needs.