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Roasted seeds and nuts change "luxury" straight up pine nuts over the price 70 y
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Into the late autumn, but also to a variety of roasted seeds and nuts listed season. However, this year roasted seeds and nuts, dried fruits such as the price straight up. Melon seeds, peanuts, small walnut, pistachio, etc. are not a small increase, which rose pine is 70 yuan per kilogram. Yangkeng snacks actually suddenly become a "luxury." Analysis of the industry, the Spring Festival eve of the roasted seeds and nuts will also have a new wave of price increases. In addition to pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, the small price of walnut are the main force. Small walnut wholesale price from the original 25 yuan rose to 35 yuan per kilogram, pumpkin seeds, rose from 12 yuan per kilogram, 17 yuan, or are approaching 50%. "Retail prices are also a lot more expensive. Pumpkin Seed -25 16 yuan per kilogram by species per month, but the basic are up two or three yuan." Roasted store salesperson said. In the supermarkets, all kinds of packaging roasted seeds and nuts, dried fruit prices higher. Supermarket clerk said, "roasted seeds and nuts, dried fruits and so on are leisure food, and now prices, we all buy less." Price of new listings also increased the number of dried fruits, dried longan, litchi stem, pistachios, raisins, dates, almonds and other prices have suffered different degrees of increase. Zhang of the owner, "'late spring', continuous rainfall and drought will affect production of roasted seeds and nuts, plus a substantial increase in labor costs, will inevitably cause the price straight up." The industry is expected, with the arrival of the winter sales peak roasted, high prices will continue, there is a wave of price increases to the eve of Spring Festival. When the market even if the same species roasted seeds and nuts, dried fruit, the difference between quality and price will be very obvious. This is because some businesses will Chenhuo, empty seed mixed in to the new goods, shoddy. To remind consumers of the industry to distinguish carefully, do not be confused by the low price.