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City started selling roasted nuts Rao
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Reporter Xiaoyan report: Weather starting to turn cold, plus near the end, the urban market, selling a variety of roasted seeds and nuts beginning to liven up, sales soared, the price is up over last year of two percent. "Here, buy some ready now, so prices have to rise when the New Year approached." Morning of the 29th, the reporter went to the wholesale dry fruit wholesale market district, can be heard everywhere, to persuade consumers to buy dried fruit wholesaler words. It is understood that the major wholesale markets and farmers markets roasted popular public, peanuts, sunflower seeds sales increased significantly, but this year has increased the price of roasted seeds and nuts. More than 50 kinds of dried fruits average price of 42 yuan / kg. The most expensive is the pistachios, 69 yuan per kg, followed by cashew nuts and longevity fruit, 50 kg, respectively, and 49 yuan; the largest-selling peanuts, sunflower seeds, the average price of 9 yuan per kilogram, respectively, 10. Jiang told reporters that market dealers, the price is relatively stable dried fruit, but compared to last year, the average increase was 10%. Of which the largest is the dried beans.