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28 Weight Loss Tips: Limit intake of dried fruit
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28 Weight Loss Tips: Limit intake of dried fruit By reducing daily intake of calories from the diet, you will avoid weight gain, more importantly, you can lose weight too! You can try the following suggestions can reduce your calorie intake. Of course, you try more proposals, it will lose more weight. 1, eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice: orange with a normal 60 calories, but a glass of orange juice contains 110 calories. Therefore, the choice of eating fresh fruit bar! (Save 50 calories) 2, to reduce the size of bagels: a small donut only 80 calories, but a medium-sized bagel but 240 calories, while those well-made bagel is 350 calories. (Diet 160 to 270 calories) 3, good restaurants exchange: breakfast or lunch, choose a 110 calorie corn rolls, rather than the size of an ordinary bagel. Bagel contains 240 calories. (Save 130 calories) 4, size: eat corn burrito, they can select the 8-inch, not 10 inches. (Save 50 calories) 5, choose a light cream cheese taste: 2 tablespoons of light cream cheese contains 60 calories, while regular cream cheese contains 100 calories. (Save 40 calories) 6, select the brand of food: some good brand reputation of the production of bacon, two pieces of meat contains 90 calories each, two slices of bacon with a normal 250 calories. (Save 160 calories) 7, in the yogurt to add good food: a cup of low-fat flavored yogurt contains 230 calories. But you can choose a cup of plain low-fat yogurt, add half a cup of fresh fruit, it would only contain 180 calories. Even better is the fruit can also provide fiber too! (Save 50 calories) 8, eat protein: eggs, when write to get rid of the yolk, you can save 50 calories per spoon. (Save 50 calories) 9, the use of bottled injection: in cooking, you can go non-stick pan sprayed around a spoonful of butter, containing only 6 calories. And if you just pour the oil, is 100 calories. (Save 94 calories) 10, choose a light taste of butter and margarine: a spoonful of regular butter and margarine contain 100 calories, but the light taste of butter and margarine is only 50 calories. (Save 50 calories) 11, flavored with herbal materials: you can choose the spice herbal materials instead of butter or margarine must choose. Spoonful, then you can reduce the intake of 100 calories. (Save 100 calories) 12, choose low-fat ice cream: to give up cream Haagen Dazs ice cream is rich, because it contains 20% fat. You can choose low-fat ice cream. Bowl to reduce the 130 calories. (Save 130 calories) 13, select the compression of food: eating waffles, you can choose to compress the biscuit, rather than expansion of large biscuits. In this case, each eating a biscuit can lose 100 calories. (Save 100 calories) 14, selection of fresh fish: a can of tuna with fresh fish oil contains 275 calories, but if the fish is fresh, there is only 150 calories. (125 less calories) 15, selection of low fat mozzarella cheese: with 1% fat cheese rather than the choice with 4%. (Half a cup to save 40 calories) 16, reduced starch: rice, pasta and noodles when eating 1 / 4 bowl. (Reduced from 45 to 60 calories) 17, less coffee, add spices: it is time to add, select Add two spoonfuls of whole milk, rather than two spoonfuls of cream. (Reduced by 20 calories) 18 more healthy grilled food: You can add applesauce, half of the diet to lose fat. Every 1 / 2 cup of applesauce contains 90 calories. But if the butter contains 810 calories! (Save 720 calories) 19, the reform of soda: You can drink a small volume of soda, instead of large capacity. In this way, you can lose 50 calories. The best is you just drink water, so you can reduce 150 calories. (Savings of 50 to 150 calories) 20, left a little bit of every meal: dinner do not eat very full, but Qi Bafen full enough. Food that has left three to four meals do not eat. Save the calories of food may be. 21, chips of choice: you can choose baked chips instead of regular French fries. (Save 70 calories per bag) 22, choose fresh fruit: preserved foods such as raisins, 1 / 2 cup to contain 250 calories. The fresh fruit contains only 60 calories. (Save 190 calories) 23, chose not like chocolate Food: If you eat a piece of chocolate pie, then on the intake of 225 calories. But a glass of chocolate milk contains only 160 calories. Or choose low-fat chocolate pudding, containing only 85 calories. (Save 65-140 calories) 24, pay attention to nuts: 25 grams of dried fruit, such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, probably consisting of 100 to 200 calories. So be sure to pay attention when eating food intake, so as not to unwittingly eat more calories. 25, celebrate the moment of light beer selection: Select ale, rather than ordinary taste of beer. (Save 30 calories) 26, drink, or drink: drink a small amount of wine, and not a lot of beer. (Save 50 calories) 27, choose a light syrup: two spoonfuls of the syrup contains 110 calories of ordinary. But the light syrup contains only 50 calories. (Save 60 calories in) 28, reduced to drink fruit juice: drink 1 / 2 cup of orange juice, not to drink a cup full. (Save 55 calories)
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